Ugly Things x Nothing Permitted
… not to try, because trying interferes with learning.
- Michel Thomas
7 hours ago
1 day ago
Ein Traum, ein Traum ist unser Leben
Auf Erden hier;
Wie Schatten auf den Wogen schweben
Und schwinden wir
Und messen unsere trägen Schritte
Nach Raum und Zeit
Und sind, wir wissen´s nicht, in Mitte
Der Ewigkeit.
- Johann Gottfried Herder
2 days ago

My soul wanders. My heart’s not in it.

3 days ago

The attraction of the internet and of the digital: total immersion in a finite space with no conceivable boundary. It is a world with none of the normal rules, with no demands.

6 days ago

legitimacy and laziness

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Rainer Werner Fassbinder   X   Évariste Galois

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some insane shit

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Nur Jahan entertains her husband Mughal Emperor Jahangir and Prince Khurram, 1623.

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I dislike your wry, faux-sympathetic jester-coloured attitude. I now know that people who claim to be simple are usually not very good.

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